Contracts Drafting

Contracts Drafting

We enter into contracts every day for business and personal reasons. Every significant purchase involves a contract. Real estate transactions require contracts. Offering employment or accepting employment often involves a contract. In some cases, even the details of personal relationships are spelled out in contracts.
Some of these contracts are written, while others are oral. In every case, it is important that the terms of the contract are fairly negotiated, properly drafted, and reviewed to ensure the contract meets the intentions of the parties.

The contract attorney Pamela Zambrano Law will provide comprehensive contract drafting and review services to businesses and individuals throughout New York. Our goal is to protect your financial interests while minimizing the risk of future litigation through meticulous attention to detail in the drafting and review of contracts.

Why Do I Need a Contract Lawyer?

Negotiating a contract is very important. By negotiating contract terms, the parties to the contract bargain for their own best interests. Contract negotiations, especially in the context of important financial contracts, can be tolling and difficult. You need an experienced attorney well versed in the legalese of contracts, because even if a comma is out of place it can throw off the entire meaning of a paragraph or sub paragraph.
One of our experienced contract drafting attorneys can assist you with negotiations so your needs and requirements will be met. While negotiating contracts, it is very important that you are aware of the following:
Additionally, our contract attorneys can help you with drafting and reviewing contracts, and explain to you your duties under the contract. Clarity, common sense and precision are essential when drafting contract language. Such efforts will, hopefully, limit later uncertainty and misunderstanding among the parties and the need to refer to some third-party decision maker, court or arbitration to determine how the contract will be interpreted.
Our experienced contract drafting attorneys will look out for your best interests throughout the entire contract process.

Types of Contracts

At Pamala Zambrano Law, She will negotiate, draft, review, and enforce all types of contracts, including:
Business Contracts
Personal Contracts