Real Estate Closing

Real Estate Closing

Pamela Zambano Law, we represent buyers, sellers, and lenders at residential and commercial real estate closings throughout the State of New York.

New York Real Estate closings require a vast understanding and knowledge of New York Real Estate law as well as sharp attention to detail. Our seasoned and knowledgeable real estate attorneys are here to ensure your New York real estate closing is performed properly and proceeds smoothly. We have handled thousands of closings throughout the state of New York.

Trust the real estate closing attorneys of Pamela Zambrano Law to negotiate and review your contracts, assist with title examinations and arrange and attend your closing.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Even in relatively simple sales and purchases of single family homes, the best time to engage a real estate attorney is before you sign the purchase agreement.

At Pamela Zambrano Law we can help you identify the terms and contingencies that should be addressed in the purchase agreement itself in order to protect your interests if:

Between the execution of the purchase agreement and the closing, our real estate lawyers will monitor the other side’s performance while helping you overcome any difficulties of your own. We can handle problems relating to title, old liens, mortgage financing, subordination, and even environmental issues.
By the time your transaction reaches closing, you will be assured that any problems the other side of the deal encounters in meeting its obligations will not become a problem of your own.